NGN – Next Generation Network


The Next Generation Network (NGN) helps bring a new generation of Power System Professionals into the world of CIGRE and help deliver a platform where early-career professionals can feel comfortable sharing their ideas, get an opportunity to interact with industry experts and get involved in CIGRE Working Groups and technical events. Our mission statement is as follows:

“CIGRE Canada’s NGN aims to support the next generation of Canadian Power System Professionals by providing opportunities for technical growth, networking and leadership skills for Students and Young Members.”

Definition: NGN = Young Member (less than 35 years old) or Student


There are many ways NGNs can get involved in CIGRE – Take a look at our recent Webinar which outlines how you can get involved.

  1. Join a Working Group (WG) – One of the best ways to get involved in CIGRE is to join a WG. There are currently over 250+ active WGs in CIGRE who are coming up with solutions to Power System problems around the world. Each WG consists of experts from around the world. There is no better way to expand your knowledge and gain connections so click here to see how you can join a WG.
  2. Write a Paper: Writing a Paper and presenting it at CIGRE conferences are a great way to share your knowledge with Power System professionals around the world and gain recognition as an expert! Click Link for more information on CIGRE Publications and writing papers.
  3. Attend CIGRE Events: Conferences, symposiums and Colloquia and Paris Session. Click here for more information on upcoming events.


In order to encourage NGNs to participate in CIGRE, there are multiples initiatives that provide recognition and cash rewards for the hard work NGNs as summarized below:

  1. CIGRE Paris Sponsorship – Bi-annually a Canadian NGN (Student or Young Member) is potentially selected based on their overall contribution to CIGRE. This is one of the most prestigious award an NGN can receive. More details coming soon.
    Prize: Ability to present paper at Cigre Paris 2022, and potential support for travel expenses with free registration at the Paris symposium.
  2. Young Members Best Paper Award – Every Year at the CIGRE Canada Conference, a Canadian Young Member who submits the Best Paper will be selected to win a prize of 1000$ Cash. More details coming soon.
    Prize: 1000$ Cash and Recognition.
  3. Student Best Paper and Poster Award– Every Year at the CIGRE Canada Conference, a Canadian Student who writes the Best Paper and has the Best Poster will be selected to win a prize of 1000$ Cash. More details coming soon.
    Prize: 1000$ Cash and Recognition.

Join our CIGRE CANADA LinkedIn Page and subscribe to our NGN newsletter to stay up to date with all upcoming events and opportunities or if you have any questions! We are all NGNs trying to help one another!


Chair & Events Lead:

Aleks Modelewska
Engineered Intelligence
[email protected]

Technical Lead:

Kasun Samarasekera
EPE Consulting
[email protected]

Technical & Communications:

Malsha Annakkage
TransGrid Solutions Inc.
[email protected]

Member Engagement Lead:

Kurtis Martin-Sturmey
[email protected]

Member Engagement:

Hannan Muhammad
Siemens Energy Canada Ltd.
[email protected]

Member Engagement & IT:

Simon Geoffroy-Gagnon
Yukon University, Northern Energy Innovation
[email protected]

Communications & Events:

Linda Zhao
Hydro One Networks
[email protected]

Communications & Events:

Aine NurAizza Nuruddin
Hydro One Networks
[email protected]